Tips to Improve The Curb Appeal of Your Oahu Home

The exterior of the house is often the first thing people notice. Your friends, your family, any potential tenants, and buyers. A special touch in how the exterior of your property looks attracts tenants to take better care of your rental property which is ultimately what you want. As experienced Oahu property managers, we know that your special touch will make it a home rather than just another property on the market.

Improving the curb appeal of your home does not have to be an expensive thing you do sometimes it's the little details that can finalize or break a deal. Here are some convenient ways to increase your attractiveness when renting a property:

Preserve the Architecture of You Landscape

In making the first impression, consider the size of your lot. Lawn mowing and bushes trimming can make a difference. Also, make sure that flower beds are mulched and the plants used are replaced. Moreover, make sure there are no tree branches, bushes or shrubs that block the House's attractive functions.

Plant Some Local Flowers

You can also plant brightly colored containers with flowers to ensure a warm welcome. If there is a fence around the house, see if it needs to be painted or painted for a simple refresher course.

Maintenance for Pavement Cracks

You've been at your home so long that you probably won't see cracks. However, a new buyer or tenant will notice this instantly. Fixing your pavement should be on your priority list, and it's not hard work. You need a flexible sealant, a durable fabric that will fuse with concrete. They are sold in tubes with easy-to-apply applicators, and most brands offer step-by-step instructions.

Repainting the Front Door

The front door must be attractive. You can add a new layer, paints in colors that will compliment or contrast with the rest of the property. The glossy coating hides stains and is easy to clean. It may take some time to repaint, but it has the same effect as painting the entire look. If you have a smaller house, you can repaint the door coverings, blinds, and consider replacing the old door handles. This is not a complex project and is the first thing a potential tenant will see before moving into their potential new location.

Update Address Numbers

You can add some beauty to your home by updating home address numbers. Painter numbers will wear overtime. The use of metal numbers will last longer than painting and give the exterior a modern and restored shine.

High Pressure Washing

When you clean the outside of the house, you will feel cleaner inside. You can use a high-pressure washer to clean the house exterior, including windows, paths, stairs and driveway. The entrance and driveway should be clearly organized and have a comfortable appearance.

Indoor Covered Patios

Covered patios come in many shapes and sizes and are a desirable place for Single-Family Rentals. One of the most common finishes is a versatile gazebo that provides a natural outdoor look and feel for years to come. Gazebos are wooden outdoor designs that can be installed over courtyards to provide shade and comfortable space, collect a cool spring evening or a hot summer day. These are backyard amenities that will be welcomed by your residents. It adds function and value to any home and provides a place for many memories and fun with family and friends. That is half way for your tenants to love your home and stay for a while.

It is important to keep your home appealing when trying to attract new tenants or keep existing tenants happy. When a potential tenant is looking for a new home, they are attracted by the appearance of the property. Simple, inexpensive updates can make your home fresh and clean year-round.

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